Walking on Sunshine

No one has ever become poor by giving.
— Anne Frank


We made it to summer time!! The company is rolling right along with a lot of updates this month.  With our new Spotlight and various awards received, you should have some good poolside, hammock, or porch reading.  If you know of any fun summer events in your area, please pass them along.  Thanks for reading and stay cool out there!

-Your LBE Family



May is Here, and So Are Her Flowers

It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little – do what you can.                                                                                                                                      — Sydney Smith


This year is just moving right along!  We have an extra special Spotlight this month.  Bobby Medlen put together an amazing golf tournament in Charleston, SC.  Be sure to check out the details!  Also, we have another Biscuit Baker Champion to announce and more anniversaries to celebrate.  To all of the mothers out there, we hope you enjoyed your day!  Thanks for reading.

-Your LBE Family

Hello, April!

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.
― John Holmes


Spring is among us!  Lots of warm, sunny days await us.  This month we have a feature on our Biscuit Baker participants from Empire, exciting news form Florida, and I think the quote above is a good teaser for our April Spotlight.  With summer coming up, I know there are all kinds of fun community activities planned, so please send them our way!  Pictures are welcomed too!

As always, thanks for reading.

-Your LBE Family

Top of the Mornin’ To Ya!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  I can’t believe it’s mid-March already!  Lots of great happenings coming to you this month.  We have a new Spotlight, a volunteer story from the Boulder office, and some really cute little league guys hanging out with our Happy Star! Please keep sending these stories our way as I would be happy to share them.  Wishing you all a fun and safe celebration today and hopefully everyone is wearing their green!

-Your LBE Family


In Full Swing!


This year is moving right along!  I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day!  We have some exciting news to share in this issue in our Annual DM Meeting article- check it out to see who the 2016 winner is!  We also have a wonderful Spotlight, anniversary recognition, and a big congrats to our Annual Safety Winners.  As I mentioned last month, this is our Year of Philanthropy.  If you know anyone in your community who should be one of our Spotlights, please let me know.  Thanks for reading!

-Your LBE Family


Welcome 2017!

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all  who ever have.”

— Margaret Mead


Happy New Year!  I know 2017 is well underway now, but I hope everyone’s year is off to great start.  After reflecting on the wonderful accomplishments throughout the company during 2016, we have decided to give 2017’s newsletter a bit of a theme.  This will be the year of Philanthropy.  We are constantly hearing about regions, stores and individuals who are doing wonderful things for their communities and we want to focus on those stories this year!  We are starting out with a touching story about giving and hope, a Spotlight from one of our own who is incredibly involved in his community and a congratulations to a new store opening and to those who have given many years of service to our company.  Throughout this year if you hear of any great stories that apply to our philanthropy theme, please pass them along.  Thank you for reading!

-Your LBE Family


Happy Holidays!

Glowing lights in the dark.

Wow, this year has really flown by!  As we come to the end of 2016, we can look back on a remarkable year.  We have had another successful run as a company, done our best to give back to the community, and also had a lot of fun along the way.  You will get to meet another special someone this month, celebrate anniversaries, take a look at some of our community involvement, and check out a surprise visitor to some of our stores.  We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are sending peace and happiness to all of you out there this holiday season!

-Your LBE Family