Biscuit Bakeoff Results

After weeks of intense local and district competitions, the “Best of the Best” of seven Lund Brown Enterprises’ Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr. Restaurants gathered in St. Louis for the finals of the Lund Brown Biscuit Baker Challenge.  The following is a list of the companies and their winning Biscuit Baker:

TriStar Ventures – Evette Reyes, Eureka, Illinois

Heartland Restaurants – Laura Aguilar, Kansas City, Kansas

Bighorn Restaurants – Sebastian Peterson, Helena, Montana

North Star Foods – Susana Arreola, Firestone, Colorado

River Valley Restaurants – Lolita Brown, Greeneville, Tennessee

Pioneer Restaurants – Isabelle Reyes, St. Louis, Missouri

Empire Restaurants – Alma Van Vorst, Franklin, Georgia


These seven bakers with the highest scores from their company competitions were eligible for this final round, held April 14, 2016, at Hardee’s corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri.  It was a first class event, and a first time experience for some of the participants – first flight, first visit to St. Louis, first time the companies have competed against each other, first time Hardee’s and Carl’s have competed together!

The participants and their guests, along with their district managers and senior management team members, were treated to a tour of the Gateway Arch, a “behind the scenes” peek at the offices of Hardee’s Corporate Headquarters, and a sumptuous steak dinner at Carmine’s Steak House.

The competition was held in the top secret Test Kitchen of Hardee’s headquarters.  Each participant drew for their competition time.  The bakers were judged on Hardee’s biscuit procedures and standards, and their ability to bake a batch of Made from Scratch biscuits to those standards.  Each baker made three trays of biscuits, then chose their best one…each biscuit on that tray was then judged on appearance, height, weight, and diameter!

The grand prize winner received the traveling trophy to be engraved with her name and company as well as $1,000!   The winner was….Isabelle Reyes from Pioneer Restaurants!  Congratulations, Isabelle!!!