Biscuit Baker Challenge 2017

On Thursday, March 30th, the company held the 2017 Biscuit Baker Challenge in Perry, GA.  There were 5 great, hard working biscuit makers competing for the Empire South Championship.


Robert Dinkins (Byron, GA), Mildred High (Griffin, GA), Jeanine Allis (Valdosta #5, GA), Stan Moore (McDonough #2, GA), and Donna Laster (Graceville, FL).

Each of these district winners took home a $250 prize and the top winner won an additional $500!  The prize goes to….. ROBERT DINKINS (Byron, GA)!!


It sounds like it was a really close race, so nice work everyone and congratulations on your wins!


Here’s a local article snippet about Donna Laster, our Graceville, FL contestant: