River Valley Donations

River Valley has been busy working to stay involved in the community.  Last month, Randy Rippetoe, Vicki Hallingstad, and Shannon Phipps were able to meet with and present a check to representatives from the Patriot Foundation.  During the Stars for Heroes campaign, they were able to raise $12,000!  Hardee’s is a corporate partner with the Patriot Foundation.  You can read more about them here: http://www.patriotfoundation.com



Also, during the week of Thanksgiving, River Valley hosted the 27th Annual Hardee’s Classic Basketball Tournament in Tennessee.  This tournament is the 2nd longest running holiday tournament in the state.  Teams from across the state compete in this 3 day event.  Hardee’s provides food for all of the teams each night as well as t-shirts, trophies and radio coverage during the games.  Sounds like a great event!