There With Care 2017

Last week, a group for our Boulder office visited There With Care.  This has been our fourth group to go volunteer since last year and we have another scheduled for next week!

There With Care is a non-profit based in Boulder, CO that provides support for families during the critical phase of a medical crisis, easing their daily stresses with compassion and care.  This is a truly remarkable foundation that is able to reach about 120 families at any given time.  Feel free to learn more at their site:

Our group last week worked to assemble Easy Meal Care Bags.  These bags are crucial for families waiting in the hospital.  They are full with quick, easy snacks, meals and drinks.  This way the families aren’t limited to hospital food or even worse, miss the doctor if they are out of the room.  Lund Brown contributed all of the supplies and we made 50 bags!


Thank so you much for all of your hard work.  Next week, we will be preparing Crock Pot meals for families with meat donated from Carl’s Jr.  Stay tuned for more pictures…